About us - Our Values

TMCI Padovan is a company that made history in the food and beverage technology sectors.
For many application fileds, in particular filtration and thermal exchange, TMCI Padovan has become synonymous itself of the product category.
The company went through many phases, without losing sight of focus on food technologies and the innovation inclination. Especially in recent years, the company focused itself on research and development, putting effort in technical and technological border scopes, in order to be a landmark in the market for worldwide customers. For 100 years, projected to the next 100.

"For 100 years,
driven towards the next 100"

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Our Values


92 patents, collaborations with the best universities for joint research projects, dedicated teams. Propensity to innovation is not a claim, it is a central asset and a daily challenge.


We believe that the real difference for our customers is our employees. Managers, designers and production technicians: everybody is highly educated and specialized, with huge experience. We grow direct relationships, honest and sincere. The customer is welcomed, listened, suggested and served in a one-to-one relationship.


Each customer is different and wants the best for himself, and so do we. Ever since we devote ourselves granting design and practical flexibility, and creating with and for the customer the best solution.

Toward the Future

We believe that there are and there will be two main challenges that our economy and all the companies need to deal with: the respect for the environment and the digital of the processes. TMCI Padovan intends to be the protagonist in both these challenges. Therefore, since many years it invests in dedicated research projects, also in cooperation with the best universities.


The focus is on maximizing the energy efficiency in each process, plant and machine, having with final goal the principles of the circular economy.
We believe that the competitive challenge will focus on this theme, both for us and for our customers. It is a fascinating challenge, which points to everybody’s victory. Being part of a global and ethic objective motivates us to give the best of ourselves. Our plants and machineries already offer important energy savings.


Big data, data management, cloud computing and much more.
Our experience as citizens and professionals teaches us that digital deeply modified our way to act in fasters times. Technologies offer unexplored opportunities. Data are a heritage to be valued through experience and know-how. For this reason, TMCI Padovan invested a lot in recent years in order to offer smart solutions but of a great impact to its customers.


Teleassistance projects from our head office in real time all over the world, the remote operator control through dedicated applications and Customer First, programme for the preventive and predictive maintenance through IoT (Internet of Things): these are the first, concrete acts towards this fascinating direction.

Our History


Foundation of Officine Meccaniche Padovan, specialized in wine equipment.


Victoria filter patent.


Presented the first Thermosteril.


Officine Meccaniche Padovan is incorporated in AMF, international American company.


Presented the first vacuum filter Taylo.


TMCI Group enters the capital.


Presented the first Greenfilter.


Presented the first cross flow filter Nitor.


Presented the first termomacerator.


Presented the first Kristalstop 600 hl.


Opening of the new headquarters, bigger, more modern and efficient.


Brevettato il filtro a dischi ceramici Dynamos.


Acquisition of Velo Brand. Synergo enters the registered capital.


Start up project for remote assistance service.


Delivery App for remote control by the customer. Synergo obtains the 100% of the company.


Presented of the IoT-Industry 4.0 project.


Experience and innovation for maximum reliability. The Padovan division is dedicated to wine, grape juice. Oil, milk and derivates and carbohydrates filtration and thermal exchange. Padovan division has always succeeded, to propose new ideas and solutions, even in a mature sector like the oenological one. Certain products represent definitely a landmark for the whole market, in each country of the world. Only few companies can claim the experience that Padovan matured since 1919. Padovan adds also the best Italian creativity, in order to design, plan and achieve personalized solutions, compared to the specific customer requests.

TMCI Padovan acquired the brand Velo in 2014, totally dedicated the beer world.
Velo has 25 years of experience in this sector. Thanks to its plants, it has seen growing some of the craft breweries more blazoned and famous in the world. 
Competence, reliability and flexibility are its drivers.
Velo cooperates with small and medium breweries, offering a unique mix of management know-how and solidity of its turnkey plants.
To bigger realities, Velo dedicates all its design, technical and constructive flexibility; custom plants for recipes and exclusive customers.

The younger brand but with decades of experience and know-how in fruit juices, soft drinks, infusions and syrups.
Blendtech works in soft drinks and fruit juices sectors. 
The division is growing rapidly over the years, thanks to multi-year know how and the technical-productive organization, coupled with a constant focus on time to market. Blendtech knows the needs of its customers, and it is capable of granting a timely service, precise and punctual.
Be smart, be Blendtech

Chemtech is a TMCI Padovan division dedicated to food industries. It has decades of international experience and hundreds of active clients in the world.