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Automation for brewhouses: when is it really an investment?

Fabio Michielin

Division Sales Manager - Velo

Doubtless brewhouse automation is an important cost item for breweries.

When does this cost represent an absolutely advantageous investment?

  • High number of beers produced, with consequent structure with three, four or five vessels.
  • Constant quality of beer, with no variation from one to another production.
  • High number of brews per day, with consequent high working costs.

In addition to this there are two more advantages, possible for beer producers thanks to automation:

  • Centralization of control and knowledge: each receipt and each brew are memorized in every parameter. The brewery becomes independent from the constant presence of the brew master. How many times, with manual plants, the brew master becomes hegemon of the knowledge and, consequently, responsible for the brewery’s success? The cost of a good automation can overlap the company cost, for one year, of a good brew master.
  • Possibility to share with third parties the receipts in a prompt way, as per peaks of demand and consequent necessity to integrate the production thanks to others.

Each entrepreneur has the task to make its own evaluations.