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Brewhouses 20 HL

Brewhouses 20 HL: the right size to make business

Fabio Michielin

Division Sales Manager - Velo

Each entrepreneur and brewer need to define the right size of his brewhouse.

How can you choose the best brewhouse?

There are many approaches to answer this question. The business one can be the following.

It seems that the best solution to maximize the productivity and profit is the 20 hl brewhouse, starting from two brews per week (tot. product 1.500/2.000 hl/year), up to 4 brews per week (3.000/4.000 hl/year).

What if these volumes seem far from the entrepreneurs and brewer’s thoughts?

The most prudent choise (in a business-oriented optics) is the outsourcing production at professional’s plants that mix well-known capacities with run-in and performing plants.

The advantages are:

  • There is no fix cost of a plant, which can be over dimensioned at the beginning
  • If there is a grow of the demand there is no possibility to be under dimensioned
  • Guarantee of multiple-year experience of the professional’s people
  • Beginning of network that brings suggestions, alternatives and valuable relations.

To summarize: growing in outsourcing up to the stabilization of its own volume up to minimum 1.500 hl/year, then invest in a great brewhouse to grow your maring.