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Dry hop and hop back: hopping handling in brewery

Fabio Michielin

Division Sales Manager - Velo

A recent survey conducted by Unionbirrai confirms even for 2018 the positive trend of beers generously hopped. How to manage this phase in an effective and efficient way?

Dry hop and hop back are designed to perform this function professionally and with high added value. Less time, greater process quality and finished product safety: the plus of these equipment.

The difference between them concerns the process phase, when to perform the hopping. While hop back is working during boiling, hot phase, dry hop is considered a “cold hopping”, because it is used after fermentation.

Hop is good for tasting and for shelf life, because it is a natural preservative. With dry hop and hop back also entrepreneur and brew master like hope, because they can have the maximum result with maximum safety.

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