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Filtration systems in clear juices treatments

Filtration systems in clear juices treatments

Massimo D’Ambros Rosso

Division Sales Manager - Blendtech

Different types of treatments are involved in clear juice production, and filtration is one of them; it permits the “finishing” of the product before sending it to the pasteurization/sterilization/concentration and filling.

This treatment is very important to obtain the desired degree of clarity.

Choice is made depending on the required product and on the production volumes that need to be sustained. 

A traditional solution is suggested for small lines, under 5 t/h of fruit, in order to have a smaller initial investment and an easier line. To our customer I personally propose a system with 3 different integrated systems, to hew the turbid juice, to get a final brightening and to remove the bacterial charge.

In case of bigger volumes, over 10 t/h of fruit, it is better to chose an ultrafiltration system, because it can delete the suspended solids achieving immediately the brightening to a high automation grade.

This solution, together with the interested flowrates make the system more industrial.