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sugar dissolution

Sugar dissolution: continuously or batch?

Roy Piovesan

Technical manager

The sugar dissolution process is crucial in many processes, from beverage to juices, from sparkling wine up to beer refermentation in bottles.

What are the possible systems?

We can definitely distinguish between continuous and batch systems.

In continuous dissolution system, sugar is added in a continuous way in a tank through a cochlea controlled by an inverter. At the same time water is controlled by a modulating valve and a magnetic flowmeter. A high efficiency mixing pump permits the continuous dissolution. Syrup is extracted by a brixmeter that controls the concentration.

In case of batch dissolution systems, water is first loaded into the tank, then it is heated to the dissolving temperature and then the sugar is added. Once that the whole sugar is at the right temperature, the batch is unloaded.


Why and for whom the batch system is more advantageous?

There are three main reasons that make the continuous sugar systems more advantageous:

  1. less electrical energy consumption;
  2. less quantity of steam consumption;
  3. less time for the preparation of the need syrup.

These advantages are particularly important in case of production of big quantities of sugar syrup.