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worldwide craft beer trends

The worldwide craft beer trends

Fabio Michielin

Division Sales Manager - Velo

Thanks to my experience as sales manager in Velo division, I have the occasion to know the most interesting characters of the craft beer world and to keep me informed about the trends. Here there are the most important ones:

  1. New Is The Hottest Trend: customers are attracted by new brand, new products, new recipes
  2. Buyers Prefer IPAs or Barrel-aged Beer
  3. Historical Craft Beers Rise Again
  4. Cans segment are going to overpass the bottles one
  5. Solid Graphic Design Sells Beer: a good graphic design has a great impact on the sales
  6. Beer Gets Healthier: healthy is a worldwide big trend in many sectors, also in the craft beer one
  7. Sour Beers share are growing
  8. Go Local for Quality: the territory is a quality asset in the customer perception